Iowa Restaurant Renovation

Interior Photography
What does a franchised BBQ joint have in common with an upscale gourmet restaurant? Nothing! That is what made this one-of-a-kind Western Iowa restaurant renovation unique.
The remodel to become Eldon’s Restaurant embraced the basics this building had to offer, but encompassed a complete new look. The former wood accents and squared architecture gave way to stone interiors and curved lines. The kitchen featured an open concept so the wood fire oven and top-notch chefs could be seen by the patrons.
The elite interior style matched the gourmet farm-to-fork food being served up. The chefs took pride in showcasing cuisine made of local ingredients. Local didn’t just apply to the food, the remodel was completed by local contractors and vendors.
As an added bonus for its patrons, the private dining room at Eldon’s Restaurant featured smart technology for business, including a projector, drop down screen, and WI-FI access. These features made the private room a perfect place to host social events, receptions, parties, and dinners.
Lighting in the bar was key to creating a casual, yet chic, atmosphere. With unique lighting fixtures and under-bar accent lighting, patrons were frequently seen spending hours and plenty of cash at the bar.
Interior | Architectural Photography
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